The possibility of growing in places you never dreamed of...


Teaching you how to become Sustainable in your City is the most important part about coexisting with nature.  We create customized sustainability programs for schools and businesses that really engage people and help them understand their role in the environment.


Schools can earn point through our many environmental programs covering topics like recycling, water, food, air, and healthy living and more.  Sustainable in the City can help bridge the food gap between; farms and cities, and alternative sources for fresh, healthy, nutritious food. Now people in cities everywhere can be self-sufficient by growing their own food in places they never dreamed of. Vertical farming is our future and provides access to vegetation inside and outside, year round.


Our Corporate programs engage management, employees and their relationships to Sustainable Business Practices. We offer training courses to teach your employees: “ How to Become Certified in Environmental Compliance Programs," and "How to Implement Sustainability in the Workplace," which provide economical based solutions for your company.  Save time and avoid unnecessary policy driven implications by consulting our expert in the field.

Environmental Consulting

Stephanie Berardi holds a Masters Degree in Sustainability from the University of Pennsylvania. Her knowledge will help save your business money; from product/supply chain, new technologies, energy efficiencies, to daily operations. She offers affordable rates that align with your budget.

Indoor/Outdoor Vertical Farm System


 You can grow almost everything, just about anywhere,

inside and outdoors. For more information, please visit:



Science Programs For Schools

Teaching our youth about where food comes from is an important and valuable lesson that can help your school gain points towards sustainability initiatives. We offer a unique program where we provide your classroom with a personal Tower Garden and teach your students how to grow food in the classroom.  Other custom science programs available upon request.

Sustainability Training

We train your employees to have better business practices that will help save your company money.  Customized trainings are available from a 1/2 day to full day for groups large and small.  Each business is unique and requires specialized trainings to help employees adapt to issues like climate change, resource depletion, energy efficiencies in the workplace, and supply chain management practices.  A thorough review of your company’s current sustainability initiatives is used to assess where improvements can be made. Then we train the key decision and management teams on behavior changes and encourage them to set good examples in the workplace.


Stephanie Berardi

Ph: 215-884-5962